PhD defence by Linda Nielsen

PhD defence by Linda Nielsen

Toward a unified theory of risk, resilience and sustainability science with applications for education and governance. PhD defence organized by Department of the Built Environment, Aalborg University


05.01.2021 kl. 08.30 - 12.30


How to participate

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the PhD defence will be carried out via Zoom. Please send an email to Linda Vabbersgaard Andersen,, no later than 4 January 2021 and you will get an invite for the event and, if requested, a copy of the thesis.


This thesis aims to contribute to the foundation of a unified risk, resilience and sustainability science, which in synergy with education practice, may provide the basis for informed preferences, decisions and actions in pursuit of sustainable well-being. To this end, the thesis:

(i) Identifies causal factors responsible for disparities between knowledge and action in the context of governance of systemic risks;

(ii) Identifies a unifying theoretical basis for risk, resilience and sustainability science based on the concept of ‘information’, which decouples the theoretical basis from prevailing practices of decision-making based on stated preferences;

(iii) Identifies relevant concepts to form a domain ontology for the integrated science of risk, resilience and sustainability in accordance with Bayesian reasoning and empirical embodied cognition research;

(iv) Formulates educational requirements targeted to fix the pitfalls in knowledge acquisition; and

(v) Provides a blueprint for education as a dynamic template of context-driven planning for educational activities along multiple learning pathways.

Assessment Committee

  • Prof. Olav Geil, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Aalborg University (Chairman)
  • Prof. Katherine Richardson, University of Copenhagen
  • Prof. Garry Peterson, Stockholm University’s Resilience Center

Phd Supervisors

  • Assoc. Prof. Dorina Gnaur, Dept. of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University
  • Assoc. Prof. Peter Frigaard, Dept. of the Built Environment, Aalborg University


  • Deputy Head of Department for Research, Prof. Per Heiselberg, Dept. of the Built Environment, Aalborg University

Graduate Programme

  • Civil Engineering


08:30: Welcome by moderator.

08:35: Lecture and presentation by PhD student (45 Min).

09:20: Break. During the break, participants can email questions to the moderator, Per Heiselberg, If such are received, the questioner puts them forward after the Assessment committee has finalized their question and answer round.

09:30: The assessment committee is asking questions to the work.

11:30: End of defence. The assessment committee enters another “room”, evaluates and writes the final assessment.

12:15 (approx.): The assessment committee rejoins the “defence room” and announces its decision.

12:30: End of event.


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