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Research group of Heating Ventilating and Air-Conditioning

Group leader: Alireza Afshari

Need for new knowledge

The research group is providing energy efficient solutions for improving atmospheric climate and thermal conditions in buildings.

Research efforts

The solutions are based on development of new technologies for ventilation, heating, cooling and air cleaning including control of the systems. Buildings included are office buildings, institutions and schools as well as residential buildings comprising both existing and new buildings.

Energy efficiency is considered not only in terms of reduced energy use, but also in terms of management and optimization of energy use in time, e.g. through the use of Smart Grids and bidirectional district low-temperature-heating/high-temperature-cooling systems. On building level energy efficient solutions comprise room based control of demand controlled systems combining ventilation, heating and cooling together with systems combining ventilation, phase change materials and renewable energy sources. The air cleaning solutions provided comprise technologies for reducing the concentration of both particles and gases considering indoor air quality and protection of the ventilation system.


Energy efficient solutions are developed through simulations, laboratory investigations, pilot projects, provision of prototypes and demonstrations in real buildings and typically in collaboration with e.g. the building sector, municipalities and relevant state agencies. Target groups for the proposed solutions are building installation engineers, building owners, HVAC-companies, municipalities and the occupants in the office buildings, schools, residential buildings etc.


The research group contribute to providing research based knowledge to the authorities e.g. in relation to the Danish Building Regulations, collaborate in EU-projects and contribute to the exchange and the transfer of knowledge within various IEA Annexes. The research group includes PhD-students and post docs, and contribute to the teaching at various courses at AAU.