About the ProbWind project

The advances of ProbWind will contribute to increased sustainability: “greener wind energy”, and EUDP will contribute to the continued lead of the Danish wind industry, securing market growth and a large number of wind jobs in Denmark.

ProbWind partners will use this project to lead the development of a new international standard on probabilistic design of wind turbines, thus being frontrunners for the global wind industry.

ProbWind will develop and demonstrate the implementation of the new probabilistic design method for wind turbines and thereby providing a reliable design at a reduced LCOE – a 2 % reduction of LCOE for onshore and 5 % reduction for offshore.

This reduction can be achieved by using the very large amount of data available by leading wind turbine manufacturers and operators on both loads and strengths to reduce uncertainties and thereby avoid unnecessarily conservative designs, but at the same time obtain the required target reliability requirements.

The more accurate probabilistic designs will result in lower amounts of material needed for towers, rotor/nacelle structures, drivetrain components, blades, offshore substructures, etc.




EUDP project no. 64019-0587

Project partners: 

AAU, DTU, Vestas, Ørsted, CWD - see partners

Project period:

March 2020 to February 2023